Untitled (Equals?)


This is probably the greatest project I've attempted thus far. And it's probably because I still have no idea what the story is. 

It started in late October of 2017. It was a realization I had, thinking back to all of the research I had done for previous typefaces. There was this one sign, in particular, that I remember, because there are very few signs of resistance written in italics. 

I went back and found it, but there was no history associated with that particular image. So I kept digging. I found another sign with extremely similar italics, and then another, and another....I've now found a total of 15 signs ranging from the Women's Suffrage Movement to the Civil Rights Movement, from 1917 to the 1970s, from Women and Veterans to Blacks and Latinos. 

Story coming (soon?).

Tre Seals