To Dr. Cheryl D. Holmes-Miller for inspiring me to start Vocal. For those of you who don’t know Bishop Miller, in 1986, she published her thesis entitled “Black Designers: Missing In Action.” It was the first time anyone had pointed out that there was a lack of diversity in the industry, and why it’s so important.

After reading her 2016 article, “Black Designers: Still Missing In Action,” I was inspired to, somehow, add a bit of diversity to the design industry, and that’s when I came up with Vocal. But before doing anything, I reached out to get her opinion on the idea, and I’ll never forget our conversation. She said, “you better go and do it before somebody else does.”

To The Beauty Shop for being one of my greatest advocates and for allowing me to be a part of Visible. I can never thank you all enough.


Lastly, I want to thank every single person and every company that has made a purchase, that likes and comments on Instagram, that sends recommendations for future fonts, that didn’t unfollow me just because I don’t post every day (or every week for that matter).

And thank you to those who send emails, thank you letters, and kind words in general. There were days when I thought about shutting down, but your words and your actions kept me going, kept this going. And I thank all of you for that.